Rev. Susan Varon, Officiant of Love


An Interfaith, Non-Denominational, Intercultural Ceremony YOUR Way



To heal is to make whole, or restore to an awareness/experience of wholeness. People who are suffering often feel isolated and alone. I will work with you to create a healing ceremony, ritual or prayer to remind you of the love, comfort and strength that rests deep in your own heart, through your connection with the Divine. I will support you in moving to a spiritual perspective that can infuse your situation with purpose, meaning and hope.


Sample Emotional Clearing & Cleansing Ritual

Prepare in advance: smooth white stones in a small basket

People are asked to remove their shoes before entering the room.

Soft music (for instance,Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie) plays while people enter and sit on chairs arranged in a circle. A small low table, on which the basket of stones sits, is in the center. (Music ends.)

Welcome & Prayer

Welcome to you, welcome to the energies of love and healing that are already present in this room… We are here to cleanse ourselves and walk free. We are here to acknowledge and turn over to the Holy Spirit the burdens we have been carrying, burdens we don’t know how to ease. Collectively, in this room today, we will find the wisdom and the help we need. Please join me in a brief prayer:

Dear God, Here we are. We have come together to be helped. For this brief time, we surrender all control to you, and know that we are safe and we are loved. Amen


Pain is always trying to tell us something. Whether it’s physical pain or an aching of the heart, when we understand its message we can begin to enact our healing. However, in so many cases, the message seems baffling and we don’t understand what’s being asked of us. These are the kinds of burdens we are here to release today, in a spirit of openness and surrender. Volatile emotions that bubble up uncontrollably, it seems, from inside us; sadness that covers us like a fog—we are here to surrender these to Spirit, and then, step back, and wait. This is not a process of denial, of casting uncomfortable feelings out so that they will never trouble us again. Not at all—we are asking to be shown the message they contain, asking to understand the pearl inside our oyster. So this ceremony is only the beginning of a process which will lead us into the light.

Surrender Process

Please close your eyes….. Let us go around clockwise, and each speak out loud the name of a negative quality or aspect we would like to be free of. Just the word, without explanations. We all have the explanations in our hearts and minds, and we are the only ones who need to be burdened by that. I will start, by speaking the word, Anger. (People continue clockwise, speaking words like depression, resentment, fear, worry, etc. Practitioner gently encourages everyone to speak as many words as they need to. When everyone has finished, she allows a moment of silence and then says:)

Please join me in a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Beloved Holy Spirit, I speak for each of one of us when I say that you are the source of all the wisdom and love within me. Thank you for all the blessings of my life. I know I have so much to be grateful for. Yet these feelings weigh me down like stones, and struggling with them on my own availeth naught. Therefore, I offer you my anger. I offer you my despondency and depression. (Practitioner continues naming all the negative emotions people mentioned.) Release me from everything in my mind and heart that would keep me bound to limitation and suffering. I do not know the way to healing and wholeness, but I trust that You do, and will lead me. Please direct my thoughts and guide my vision. Thank you very much. Amen.

We have surrendered these dark energies to the Holy Spirit with the intention to be open to Spirit’s working in our lives to show us what we need to know. We have offered the gift of our pain, and we affirm our intention to listen for a leading, a word that suddenly blazes up in a conversation, a phone call offering an opportunity—there is no telling how Spirit works but we have asked for help and help will be given.

Affirmation Process

(Practitioner takes the basket of white stones off the table and holds it in her lap, while she says:)

Now I would like to offer you a “replacement” for the dark and heavy emotions that have weighed on you like rocks and which you have surrendered in this ceremony to the Holy Spirit.. I am holding a basket of smooth white stones. It is often very helpful, when getting rid of a dark thing, to put a light thing in its place, even symbolically. So I want to ask you something. What are the positive qualities you want more of in your life? When you appreciate something, you encourage it to grow. What do you want to appreciate in yourself--Courage, a sense of humour, willingness to accept help? Patience, generosity, kindness?
Think for a minute, if you could name one quality to put in the place of the darkness you offered to Spirit, what would it be? What can you celebrate in yourself?
I’ll give you a moment…
(long pause……… Practitioner then stands, offers the basket of white stones to one person after another) Please take a stone.
Now I would like you to close your eyes, and just hold your stone in the warmth of your hand, getting used to how it feels…Warm that stone. Feel as if you are imbuing it with exactly that quality you wish to nurture in yourself. Mentally name it your “courage” stone, your “patience” stone, and so on. Only you will know what it represents. (Pause) When you leave here today, carry the stone with awareness, and when you get home, put the stone in a place where your eye will fall upon it often. You are giving your self a tangible representation of a quality of being you want to nurture in yourself.

Concluding Prayer

And now, please join hands with your neighbors, and close your eyes…
We affirm, O Holy Spirit, Spirit of light, our intention to listen for Your voice in our lives. We know that the longings of our hearts have been heard, and that we will be helped. We step back, and let You lead the way. We know that all who are gathered here will be blessed. And so it is. Amen.



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